Simpson Desert, bring it on!

Stoked! This is it! 4am alarm clock kicked us out the door in Sydney, early flight to Brisbane, and now we’re in the minivan and taking turns at the steering wheel on the way to Birdsville.

After a year of amazing alpine, sub-polar, forest, and desert running around the world in 2012, it’s exciting to now be heading into Australia’s own vast red expanse. I hope that the Born to Run Foundation has found the inspiration it needed from Racing The Planet to succeed in the noble aim of dosing runners with such an extreme and wonderfully challenging experience that life will forever be at least slightly different afterward.

This may be the last chance for Internet (yay, Vodafone) so I’m going to post one last invitation. If you’d like to support the fundraising component of our week of filth, sweat, and fatigue, please visit our fundraising page to help the work done by JDRF, raising funds for groundbreaking type 1 diabetes research.


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