Our Grand Slam Year, in iRunFar.com

Stoked and disappointed. Disappointed that someone outside Team Born to Run has written our year of desert running up before I got to it, but damned if Meghan Hicks hasn’t done this piece justice in her typically superfine style. Stoked, of course, that it is Meghan putting keyboard to screen (who does pen to paper […]

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AWESOME and SUBSTANTIAL Vegetarian Salad

Sliced by hot awesome partner when they’re making their own lunch to take to work -Large Mushroom -Half Tomato -Fennel Stalks Add -Rocket -Baby Spinach -Sprouted Beans -Diced non-animal-rennet Cheese Dressing -Sambal Olek faceburning chilli (because it’s cold outside) -Lump of miso paste -Half large avocado -Doubledash of blackberry vinegar Seriously tasty, enjoy with a […]

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