Our Grand Slam Year, in iRunFar.com

Stoked and disappointed.

Disappointed that someone outside Team Born to Run has written our year of desert running up before I got to it, but damned if Meghan Hicks hasn’t done this piece justice in her typically superfine style. Stoked, of course, that it is Meghan putting keyboard to screen (who does pen to paper anymore?) and obviously chuffed that our story has been shared by the world’s leading ultrarunning website and news resource. We already liked them, and then they do this – WOOT!

Great also that it’s getting Big Red Run and Team Born to Run and running with type 1 diabetes into the eyeballs of people who’ll hopefully enjoy what we’re up to.

Thank you Meghan & iRunFar!

Article here

A small sample . . .

Ron Schwebel, at 61, is just getting started with his running. The Sydney-ite is an age-group ace, setting national age-group records at events ranging from short-distance road races to long ultramarathons. He’s been experimenting with the hallowed sport of ultrarunning since 2005 and is a self-proclaimed lover of numbers. Ron is widowed and has three grown children as well as two grandchildren.

Says Jess Baker (who we introduce next) about Ron, “Ron is one of the quietest members of our team. And he’s delightfully eccentric. In Antarctica when we were presented with our awards, Ron stripped down to nothing but a survival blanket as a mankini.” Ron’s elated to have been added to the team, “Such a great privilege. These people are good people. I have no comment about that award ceremony.”

Jess Baker - Atacama Desert

I suppose all good desert-crossing teams need a fine lady to keep it mostly kosher (Or to really knock things off the tracks!), and Team Born to Run has Jess Baker to fill the womanly role.”I bring the estrogen,” laughs Jess …(read more)


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