Thanks Monique & HypoActive. Packing for Twin Cities…

Awesome swag from Monique Hanley & HypoActive crew to pack for T1 diabetics and supporters at Twin Cities Marathon in Minnesota

Sorry for shonky lighting – packing at too great a rate to sort it properly right now. Such an emo day, said goodbye šŸ˜¦ to someone special at the airport this morning, hardcore day of getting it done on hardly any serious sleep, still going now with a list done but packing hardly started.

And now I’ve just opened 4 parcels from Monique at HypoActive and she’s not only sent me a bunch of awesome shirts for diabetic kids and supporters and event organisers, but she’s put in a really sweet note for me and a wicked hoodie to keep warm in Moab, Utah, where I’ll be running a short ultra in about 11 days, the weekend after the Twin Cities Marathon.

Thanks heaps!! I want to pinch a shirt too – they’re seriously cool, even if they mean that you’re pancreatically challenged. I could wear a Pit Crew one and fake my way through as a metabolizer, huh? huh?

Seriously – thanks heaps. Too good of you guys and I hope I can really run up a gear or two this Sunday with your support. Pretty touched – thank you.



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