Australian Diabetes Educators Association: Going Ultra!

Just a brilliant day yesterday. I’ll be writing more this week to try to convey and capture some of the stories I heard yesterday about the battle these committed people are fighting to try to bring type 1 care and management in Queensland – especially in rural areas and small towns – into line with what should really be possible for all Australians.
The major challenges sound like they’re coming from within a health funding model whose priorities are political rather than practical. Type 1 management is complex, but simple. Here is the condition, there are the tools to manage it, deploy! Kids shouldn’t be popping out HbA1Cs of 10-18 in modern Australia. And they shouldn’t be afraid to play sport because of the effects of their blended insulin, prescribed by the local GP, with residual effects lasting 4-14 hours.

It was great to talk to a roomful of eager listeners about running ultramarathon with type 1, the Team Born to Run 4 Deserts Grand Slam Adventure, Coast2Kosci, Jess’ kickassness, the Born to Run Foundation, the Big Red Run, Missy Foy, Marcus Grimm, the power of positive influence and especially the exciting developments around

Thank you so much to Carol and Lynne as the major drivers in getting me up here to talk. It was a mutually eye-opening experience. I missed the morning’s opening act, but will write more about that later. Everybody who was there to see a grandpa in pyjamas with his bits swinging wild and free knows what I’m talking about. Genius!!

There were queries as well about how and where to donate to the Born to Run Foundation.
Please support our fundraising by making any donation, however small (or GIGANTIC) at

Really looking forward to this morning’s session in town with a group of young people and families and friends.

Can you believe that the Fire Brigade regulations exclude Type 1s from joining? It’s Dark Ages thinking that needs to be changed.

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