Hi HypoActive!

Having an exceptional weekend at the University of Melbourne’s Creswick Campus attending AcT1vate 2013. Had the chance to present today on Ultramarathon and Type 1, not a typical combination. Lovely, friendly audience, really appreciated the photos of some of our running adventures last year, great 6-minute clip by Allan Bolton from exT1D reviewing the sum of my 40 blood sugars from Coast2Kosci last year, lovely little address from Marcus Grimm, excellent training tips from legendary Missy Foy, and well-received video of Team Born to Run‘s Gobi Adventure last year, as well as fresh clip of the Big Red Run.

Some runners looking to step it up a notch were very interested without even being told about the introductory rate for type 1s, and I really should have brought a bag of Hoka OneOne with me for tomorrow’s 8am running group. Darn it!!

Looking forward to more great advice tomorrow from Gary Scheiner about advanced diabetes management too, and might just be hitting up Animas back in Sydney for a demo of the new Vibe as soon as I get back.

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