UTMB OMG & Andy Bowen 33 Marathons in full swing

Wow – what an intense weekend at Mont Blanc. Top 5 men, all Euro. Hard to know what exactly happened yet with the dust settling on bloodstained powder above 3, 000 metres. My favourite call was probably from Meghan Hicks tweeting as @iRunFar when her man and ours, Bryon, pulled the pin deep into the race and she summed up her response to the <140char report as

: ( Le Sad.

Lot of surprises – Lizzi Hawker didn’t just win, she took 13th overall – mammoth run! Hal Koerner well and truly showed up to race, sitting in the top 20-30 for nearly the whole race in a revival of American pride, but must have hit hard nasty 100-mile darkness deep in, finally getting through in about 330th place. But at least Koerner went the whole way. Recently felled Western States and perpetual 100-mile winner Geoff Roes again dropped out instead of completing. Scott Jurek another giant slain in the freezing conditions. So too Salomon runner Miguel Heras and my favourite, Krissy Moehl.

The very lovely Seb Chaigneau (North Face) came through for a big podium. Hoka-sporting Nemeth Csaba from Hungary came 4th, which makes me curious to try the new Combo XT on all my favourite trail runs as soon as they get into the country. : )

More later, great write-up at Ultra168 for now.

Hopefully going to hear from Andy Bowen in the next 36 hours too, as he nears the halfway point of his kickass 33 Marathon Challenge running across the Nullarbor. Check out Coach Jeff’s training podcast if you’re driving to work, and here’s Andy on Fox Sports Channel talking about one massive round of golf.

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