Hey Runners, enjoy this after your Sunday Slog – Runaway, full length awesome video

You had me at “seriously hardcore ballerinas in black tutus doing 9 minutes of interpretive dance to modern hip-hop”. And screw Vevo for ad-infecting this sonically gorgeous oddity. It’s not exactly a running post but it’s certainly great in headphones while running or on tv after running. So, maybe it actually is a running post. Play it loud and large.

Say “Gaaaah”.

Last couple of weeks have been hectic. Interviewed Anton Krupicka, Tom Owens, Grant Guise, and Brett Larner about the trailrunning cultures of US, EU, NZ, and Japan. Also spoke to Andy Bowen after 33 Marathons blew up after a gutsy 640km across the Nullarbor in just 7 days. It’s all been written up for the next issue of Outer Edge magazine. Having a chat to see which bits from the cutting room floor can be served up and which will have to stay in the fridge until their Trail Issue comes out in October.

Massive thanks to Marcus Warner of Ultra168 and Jane Seris of Cool Runnings fame for their help in harvesting raw materials and I too am seriously looking forward to seeing it in gorgeous glossy format.

Would love to share the insights of these ass-kicking interviewees with you because they were just so switched on to talk to and generous with their time and thinking that getting some of their comments into public domain will likely provoke some worthwhile discussions around trailrunning and ultra – the kind of discussion that Australian trail needs to have, sooner rather than later.

So stay tuned.

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