New Zealand’s kids are tougher than you.

So I’ve just been reading quite a bit of good insightful stuff about what makes New Zealand trailrunning such a distinct experience and culture, as well as how it fits in with the global trail running explosion that seems to be so very on right now.

Than I saw this video, just posted here at Running Wild NZ. I thought it might be Beth Cardelli continuing her world tour but no, genuinely little kids running a shitload better than a lot of us.

Well, better than a lot of you, anyway. After the 50km we ran on Sunday, some trailrunners might just be impressed by the way that these kids have mastered the magical arts of not vomiting and not taking a ‘natural’ every 20 minutes.

Then again, they might have just been motivated because they were being chased by a Viking orchestra remixing the Lord of The Rings soundtrack – now apparently a permanent fixture in all of New Zealands woodlands.

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