A Great Weekend in California

I’ve been thinking about getting this blogging thing going again. On the one hand, friends who write well inspire you to get back into the practise. On the other, when they’re doing it so well, it’s good enough reason to share theirs instead 🙂 To be fair, on top of being a great host and a […]

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Still 100km to get to halfway: Octember pt. 1 The Great Ocean Walk 100

Originally posted on Hoka OneOne Australia:
Between October 12 and November 10, I have set myself the challenge of running 3 100km races and a 174km trailrunning slaughterhouse on one of Australia’s toughest 100-mile courses. It’s a total of 474 race kilometres within 30 days and even with 200 kilometres already down, I don’t feel…

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Our Grand Slam Year, in iRunFar.com

Stoked and disappointed. Disappointed that someone outside Team Born to Run has written our year of desert running up before I got to it, but damned if Meghan Hicks hasn’t done this piece justice in her typically superfine style. Stoked, of course, that it is Meghan putting keyboard to screen (who does pen to paper […]

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A Laugh Riot

Also loving Photoshop Looter. Definitely seems to be a racial bias in who gets Photoshopped, but a lot of good image adjustments happening as well.               but I think this is my favourite because it’s just blatantly ridiculous:

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