Big Red: Lessons from a Type 1 Runner

Have thought about it for a while and am now setting up the website to be a hub where endurance athletes with type 1 can share their experiences and newly diagnosed type 1s or people already living with type 1 but not happy with the answers they’re being given – especially the ‘take it easy’ myth – can find links to useful resources and advice and opinions all in the one place.
This story from Duncan Read, the in-depth and very moving account of his first (but probably not last!) 250km multiday ultra-marathon, is a great read for anybody, but especially so for endurance runners and adventurers who’ll relate to his spirit, and moreso to anyone with a connection to type 1.

Type 1 Ultra

This is exceptionally clear and personal storytelling. If you’re someone who loves an adventure, loves a good yarn, or has any interest whatsoever in the most uplifting moments of the human condition, then you need to absorb Duncan Read’s tale. Like a 250km run in the desert, it’s substantial, undulating, and over too soon. His flattery made Jess and I blush and giggle but compliments from admirable characters you respect are always welcome. Thank you Duncan. Just like your endurance, persistence and courage, it seems your frank writing also deserves its own place in legend. Anybody with the slightest trace of imagination who reads your story must find inspiration from your reflections on your undertaking of the Big Red Run 2013. RH

A 250km race through the Simpson Desert
By Duncan Read

 I’m not an experienced ultra-marathon runner.  I’m a regular guy, with a regular job, a great wife…

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