Team Born to Run: Sahara

Unseen video of our Racing The Planet Sahara adventure from October/November last year.

Keepin’ it real with desert Pilates and lawn chairs.

See Greg sweat bucketloads! See Jess do Greg-pressing crossfit training! Witness my bag break 20 minutes into the week of running and hear me drop desert eff-bombs!!!

Hilarious! We all forget what we say in these interviews because we get sunbaked and run long in between each interview.

Own quote: “If things are atrocious, then we’ll go …. slow … for a long time. And we will … hate it … because we’d rather be … running. But, we’re gonna get there…. as a team, because it’s what we do.”

When in doubt, do The Robot.

Sahara was a seriously tough run, with the thick soft sand across over 60% of the course, there were very few stretches of packed sand where everybody could get up to speed. Also, as evident in this clip, the heat and frustration was a bit of a factor…

For the best bit of Born to Run background anybody online has done, check out Meghan Hicks‘ team profile, WeRunFar, at

And if you think you’re faster, tougher, or sweatier, check out Big Red Run. There’s still 9 weeks to get ready for it and, hey, it’s only a multiday…. right?

Rocket Ron

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