Diabetic Living Magazine interview

This interview just came out in the May/June issue of Diabetic Living Magazine. It’d be nice if the magazine featured more sports and physiology and fewer recipes – metabolism isn’t all about eating, you know! But it’s good timing.

Diabetic Living May 2013 issue

AcT1vate was a great weekend for learning from other active T1s and especially author and speaker Gary Scheiner.

It was also my first time publicly addressing a conference group about being active with type 1. A couple of diabetes educators from Queensland approached me afterward and have gone out of their way (thank you Carol & Lynne!) to get a slot at the ADEA Conference in Toowoomba in a couple of weeks.

This will be a chance to talk to educators, the people who individually look after a large number of diabetics. Many of them are aware that type 1s can do anything (except produce their own insulin, of course). Some of them aren’t, which then means an attitude of hesitation, reluctance, even anxiety can be passed on to newly minted type 1s who are wondering whether they should fill their lives with adventure or just be resigned to living inside a box of constraints, a place where spontaneity fears to tread.

And of course, Big Red Run, the Born to Run Foundation’s first massive fundraising endurance event is now just 8 weeks away too.

Of course, before that happens, There’s The North Face 100 to get through. Although it’s not really the 100 this year for me, just the 50. My training has been inconsistent, I’ve had too few big weeks, and I’m running a lot slower and less predictably than I’d like. Pilates and yoga are bringing things back toward where they need to be but there’s still some way to go before my body is as much of a runner as my soul.

And I think that’s true for most of us…  🙂

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