Twin Cities Marathon, carb loading


I can’t feel my hands






Got a new carb loading technique going on here in the land of friendly strangers and cheap junk food. Basically, take a bunch of insulin then eat like you’re trying to keep up with it. Because you are.

Tempted to bust Red Bull Cola open now because I’ve dreamt of drinking it for ages. But it was the last can at Wallgreen’s and might be needed for tomorrow’s bastard run. Feeling chubs enough from only running short last few weeks that loading’s probably redundant.

And my bones are already made of candy.

Just washed down 70g CHO Hostess apple pie with a Nuun. Have only got about 300g CHO in for the day so far. Gonna be sucking it down til 7, then finally aim for more than a 5 hour sleep.

Met Julian (or Julius?) Kibet from the Rift Valley in the lift. Humbly says he’s not that fast, maybe 2:13 or 2:14. Just told him if he’s a Kibet he should be fine. You can feel the speed in the air here. Small groups of Kenyans float down the street waiting for tomorrow when they’ll inject the race with serious hurt, whichever one they’re running – 10 mile National Championships, or just another 26.2 mile spanking.

Unrelated note – met 2 waist-height pit bull X American bulldogs. Beautiful – belly rubs all round. Missed my own piglet, but at least I stroked a stranger’s chinchilla today.


One thought on “Twin Cities Marathon, carb loading

  1. You got enough insulin to eat all that? Bet the Kenyans don’t eat that crap. You don’t look like a Kenyan, don’t eat like a Kenyan… can you run like a Kenyan?

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