Darrel Robins’ OxFam Trailwalker Team Announces ‘Go Slow’ Campaign

In breaking news from Sydney’s charitable OxFam Trailwalker 100km trail run/walk (f@%& you, Galloway!!), the hastily organised team of sub-elite running walkers built around Ultra168 hard man, Darrel Robins, announced that they’re going to go slow.

Asked if there was any reason for the campaign of not going fast, they said that they figured it would give them more quality time with Darrel to talk about their goal of doing next year’s City to Surf as a multiday stage race.

They then asked if Darrel would be planning to sleep during Trailwalker, because it is such a long way to go.

Darrel could not be reached for comment as he was busy putting the finishing touches to one of his legendary blog posts, this time looking at Gordi Kirkbank-Ellis’ nutrition strategy for the weekend running of UTMB.

As a tribute to Galloway’s Run-Walk technique, as detailed in Galloway’s bestselling book – F&$% Running, Now I Got’s Ta Get Paid! – it is believed that Darrel is going to endorse the controversial Eat-Poo nutrition strategy.

This will hopefully work better on the weekend at UTMB than it did 2 weeks ago at the Great North Walk Cream Bun Bootcamp when an omitted hyphen saw a number of runners employ the far less advisable Eat Poo Method.

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