M7 Marathon and Pairs Relay Update

Will post cool stuff like pictures and official times tomorrow when they’re available but great day out! I ran roughly a 91:55 for the half so missed goal but still PB and couldn’t have done much more to get there…except lose about 4kg…. next time. Team mate went through the 2nd half in around 75:50, bringing home a smoking win and my first podium…. other than the usual self-awarded ‘Fastest T1D’.

Our mate Ian Gallagher from http://part-time-ultra-runner.blogspot.com/ had a kickass road marathon debut, taking third place in around 2:48. And my sister-in-law took out the women’s relay pairs with her race partner Mel.

More to report on the race and how the Hoka Bondi B’s went later. Immediate impression racing at that pace in them was that it didn’t necessarily feel fast, but it was faster than I’ve done that on concrete by a decent amount and probably would have been slower or comparable in my standard runners. Difference being that neither of us were hobbling afterward and it came down to ability to suck up pain, not ability to move smashed quads – they’re totally happy.

Big thanks to Blacktown, Fairfield and Liverpool Councils, M7 Motorway Authority, and Mizuno for making today’s event possible, and all of the volunteers and supporters and organisers for making it awesome.

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