Westlink M7 Cities Marathon

AKA ‘the M7‘ kicks off at 7am tomorrow from somewhere in the middle of Edward Scissorhand Land in Prestons. Meaning I’m up way past bedtime, but not for long. Doing the half-marathon pairs with the humiliatingly faster Brent from Negative Split as we’re both working for PBs over the distance.

The closest I have to a proper peebs is 98:30 on the front of last year’s Gold Coast Marathon. Guess who went out too fast for his abilities at that one? Did 95 flat the other week on the first 25km of the Woodford to Glenbrook so aiming high tomorrow. Last minute torticollis but fortunately that’s at the wrong end to be any kind of real drama. Just gotta make sugars-insulin-exertion work well. Too short a run for nausea to be an issue so let’s get started already. It’s still going to be a fat slow white guy running but hopefully with a bit more stamina and an elevated pain threshold.

Good luck everyone running, especially the full marathoners. The Cool Runnings thread is here if you want to check that out afterward. Should be a race report up here in the next day or two to say how the Hoka Bondi B’s went at attempted speed.

Course Map here

Course Profile here – apparently that lumpy bit at 11km is ‘a hill’.


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