Latest Hoka News

Fresh to hand and from the horse’s Hendra-free mouth: Whole bunch of Hoka headed down under. Shipment should be arriving by mid September, and for my big footed friends (hi Mum, Sis…. not really….) the size US 13.5 – 14.0 Bondi B’s and size US13, 13.5, and 14.0 Mafate are being machined somewhere right now so get ready to size up if that’s what you’ve been waiting for. They’ll be here too. Go and put in special requests at your local Hoka-Stocka to increase the likelihood that you’ll get what you need.

As well as the new sizes, new models! The Stinson B as it’s known in America or Combo XT as it’s known in Europe will be here soon. If you’re looking at trail but finding the Mafate a bit stiff, this is the shoe you need. Similar upper to the Bondi, thick sole like the Mafate, but a sticky rubber outsole with a tread pattern like the non-rounded bits on the Bondi B. Pretty much the best elements of each shoe, I think, and it looks like a winner for crossing mixed terrain, especially for varied trailrunning. I got my hands on a pair today and the grip seems ideal even for slippery wet single track. Leaf mulch might still be an adventure.

Also, the boots are on their way if you’re a hiker and then there’s a whole range for people needing a blandlooking but supercomfy shoe for worklife. Maybe so you can skip the lift and bounce down the stairs from the 30th floor instead.

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