Seal Skinz Hi Vis waterproof socks SUCK!!

SealSkinz Hi Vis Socks are ideal if you want a fat sock to fill out a half-size too large shoe or you think a blowjob from blind sock puppet twins is ever worth $35. But don’t buy them if you’re a trailrunner looking for a solution to feet copping water damage on long races.

These socks have had 2 tests now and failed both. After a light run involving shallow puddles and 3 minutes of rain, these also failed.

SealSkinz say “SealSkinz totally waterproof and highly breathable socks have been worn, tested and loved by people using them for a variety of reasons, from outdoor activities, to their every day work life. We are confident that there will be socks here to suit you, your friends and family.”

I say “Bollocks”.

I wrote SealSkinz 2 weeks ago to tell them how badly these socks failed for running – their claimed purpose – even under mild conditions. No response, because they’ve already got my money and don’t give a shit. They’re too busy putting up testimonials like these:

“Socks – what a great product!… Comfortable feet whatever the weather – great with wellies – normally the coldest footwear – not now!”

Too bad they’re meant to be waterproof, not warm. Let me guess – “read the small print, these only work in gumboots”.

“SealSkinz socks have made my training much more pleasant, as I no longer suffer any discomfort. I would recommend them to any runners who encounter water in their training.”
Theresa Stanforth
Thanks for that, Theresa. Maybe you no longer suffer any discomfort because after buying such expensive and completely shit socks you gave up on running gear altogether and stayed home. Personally, I would recommend any runners who encounter water in their training try triathlon. Hanging out with cyclists has to be less annoying than SealSkinz pissing in your shoe less than half an hour into a long run.

Are SealSkinz Hi Vis waterproof (HA!) socks going to be part of my gear essentials taking on a 100-mile run that partly travels through swampy subtropical rainforest? No. Because they’re a load of shit.


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